I originally signed up for a WordPress blog as part of an assignment for a grad seminar (ENGL 502 with Jenny Edbauer…although I may have already had an account from when I audited Disability Studies with Michael Berube…).  I posted entries once or twice, got tired of it, and never looked back (I have since deleted those entries.  I’m about to start writing a dissertation, though, and I think I will need something like a blog to keep me sane.  Also, I just wrote the first entry to the Composition Program’s blog, and it got me thinking.  I like thinking 🙂

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I’m intending to use this blog as a place for writing about random thoughts I have during the dissertatin’ process.  I might as well get started now:  One of the things I’ve been worried about, as I’ve grown more and more interested in studying technology in my scholarship, is the extent to which I am capable of representing myself as a “technology person.”  I know a fair bit about general computing, and I happen to know a few tricks here and there (so that I can help out my family with whatever they need to do online) but I am far from being a programmer.  I’m not really sure what to do with that fear, except hope that it pushes me to learn new things.  I’ve finally come to the point, though, where I can’t pretend that I don’t want to study technology.