I’m in the office at 10pm on a Sunday night.

I’ve found I work better away from home, and since I told my students that I would be available via a Live Chat function on Angel (PSU’s CMS), I need to be online tonight from 9-12. I figured the office would be a good place to do some work, maybe finish a draft of my dissertation proposal. Unfortunately, I seem to be doing anything I can to avoid the work I need to do, including work that doesn’t matter very much (and, of course, blogging).

I did get an email that motivated/entertained me, though. It was from an assistant professor here who is pretty much nocturnal: he prefers to work LATE at night, so when I got his email at 9:45, I could only assume that he had only woken up a couple of hours earlier. That in itself gives me hope. I don’t have nearly that odd a schedule (I’m on a pretty standard midnight-8:00 cycle right now), but I’ve been known to stay up all night for little reason. More than the sleep habits themselves, though, I’m reassured to know that one can have such “alternative” behaviors (and even, that one can be at least somewhat disorganized/out of it) and still be a successful in the realm of academic achievement.

The email itself was fun too: it had a practical question, some brief advice about writing a dissertation prospectus, and then a longer rant about how we should not be afraid to talk about the rise of, say the printing press; that, more specifically, “the word “rise” does not need scare quotes!” He mentioned the Hegelian superstructure and “Whiggish implications” in the next sentence. Maybe that is what one needs to be able to do to be a successful academic: have the ability to discuss large, confusing ideas in random situations, in ways that ultimately seem very entertaining.

All right. No more blogging for me.