I’m watching some videos about Twitter this morning, and it’s making me feel a) lazy, because I’m not good at updating (I mean that generally: Twitter, Facebook, this weblog…), b) excited, because Twitter is incredibly cool, and because the temporal aspect of it relates in intriguing ways to my dissertation project, and c)…I don’t have a “c” but I like things to come in threes!

The two videos I’m watching feature a) Jack Dorsey, CEO and co-founder of Twitter, talking about what Twitter is and how it started, and b) Evan Williams, another co-founder, along with Kate Greene and Sarah Milstein (Technology Review editor and random Twitterer, respectively), discussing how Twitter creates “ambient intimacy.”  Both videos are courtesy of Technology Review.

I came across these videos while checking out a link to a new application called Zoetrope, provided (the link, not the application) by Michael.  Zoetrope also looks amazingly cool, and relevant to stuff I’m interested in…but it’s not being released for a while or something?

This “Technology Review” thing will be something to keep tabs on, I think…