I’ve been thinking for a while that I haven’t really given blogging a chance yet; I haven’t devoted the kind of time and energy to it that I think it needs.  In part, I’ve simply had a lot of stuff to do this semester (I’m still not done, but I’m closer), and I haven’t felt like I had time to spend on blogging.  Still, I’ve been thinking for a long time that I will devote a little more time to blogging when I get the chance, specifically in conjunction with really getting going on my dissertation writing.  That time has certainly come, so this post is going to stand as my commitment to blog regularly:

I will have a new post every day for the next 30 days, after which time I’ll see how things stand.

One of the ways I see this blog functioning in the next month is as an update on what I’ve been doing on my dissertation and other tasks.  I might as well start that now, then, although my “other tasks” are likely to be all I do today.

My current “to do” list:

Write/edit a syllabus with course notes for the 202C pilot next semester.  Need to have a draft by tomorrow, final version by the end of the week.

Finish writing up results from the “Website focus group” I ran ages ago.

Finish Mentee Observation Reports (also: remind mentees to make photocopies of a single student’s portfolio, for me to look at).

Send email to 602 list about syllabus for next semester.

Email instructors and contacts for PWI guest speaking.

Email 202C class about various end of semester things.

Continue working on first draft of Chapter 2