I had promised myself that I would be better about blogging regularly, and already on the second day of that promise I’m having difficulty.  I spent the entire day in my apartment, and yet managed to be incredibly busy!  Argh!  I’ve finally finished a draft of the lesson plan notes for the 202C Online pilot for next semester.  They took much longer than I thought they would.  I need to start grading final projects, and I need to go to the library to collect massive numbers of books for the researching.  I have done nothing related to my dissertation today, and that is a problem.  Tomorrow, though, will be all dissertation all the time…when I’m not grading.  Maybe a half and half split?

This blog entry is a wash.  I have nothing to say, and no fun web-surfing escapades to “log.”  This is one potential problem with periodic/serial writing: low-content periods.

UPDATE: I Fail!  I missed the deadline to register for the Centre Soccer indoor league.  Apparently it was December 7th, even though the season doesn’t start until January 10th.  

Also: I find this thing incredibly ironic, and this thing unsurprising, but still incredibly funny.