Well, today has been… annoying.  I had a post that I was working on early that I thought I’d finish… until I read it again, and realized that I wasn’t saying anything interesting at all.  These things also happened:

I lost my SecureID (the thing I need to enter grades) and spent most of the day looking for it (it costs $75 to replace).  I never found it, and had to get a new one.

I sent out an email to an entire list-serv announcing incorrect information, had a bunch of people freak out, and then got to send a “sorry, forget everything I just said” email.

I tried to get snow tires put on my car, only to be told that they couldn’t do it at all this week (I found another place, I’m taking the car in tomorrow morning, but I’m pissed at myself for leaving it until so late).

And to top it all off, I had a list of 5 different things I HAD to get done today, that I didn’t do any of. 

There’s always tomorrow, though….