I have not-very-long, but there are some things I want to remember to look at later… and maybe you want to remember to look at them too!  

One is this video leaked from someone over at Kairos.  For more info, see Michael’s or John’s descriptions.  Hilarious, but in an in-jokey kind of “only funny if you are in Rhet Comp” kind of way.

Another: I really need to read The Rise of the Blogosphere by Aaron Barlow.  I am intrigued!

I don’t know if this seems weird, but: Michael was tagged by John for a meme, and I followed his link back to John’s blog, which I’d seen before but hadn’t looked at in a long while.  Then I checked out the other people John tagged, including the wonderful Canned Goods of Rik Hunter, where I realized that I too want to write out some New Years Resolutions early, but haven’t done so yet.  (Along the same lines of me being a lurky-link-follower, Aaron Barlow (mentioned above) has a fairly impressive Whitman-esque ode to blogging, which I haven’t read all of yet, over at One Flew East.

As I am just now getting started with “the blogging,” I am always on the lookout for other blogs to be reading, and I am in need of suggestions for aggregators/feed organizers to manage all these crazy things…  I have to run now, but more later about my questions and dilemmas (there were more things to be posted here, but time has run out!).