[Edit: I meant to post this yesterday, but didn’t, so now it has some added content.  Yay!]

Something weird: a NYT story about a miracle berry that my friend Chris pointed me towards (from May, so it’s old).  Apparently this fruit makes sour things sweet?  

Something new: A Democracy Now piece about a student sabotaging an auction for oil rights to land in Utah… very cool story.

Something not so new: Because of this post on Michael’s blog I was looking back at old posts of his, and found a video clip by Tim Wise about White Privilege.  That clip was about the use, in history, of whiteness as a concept to divide the working class; it was compelling and interesting, and it made me want to see more.  I ended up finding this (much) longer video of Tim Wise that is more of a general discussion of white privilege.  

The talk is almost exactly an hour long; I know, that’s a long video to watch on the Intertubes, but I really think it’s worth it.