Because I haven’t posted for so long, I’m posting twice today!  Go me!  This post, unlike the last, will be more of a list of things that I’ve been looking at/think are cool.  More of the old-school “web-log” if you will.

  • Have you ever heard of Cryptozoology?  I hadn’t…but it sounds pretty awesome, if a little kooky.  The term seems to cover everything from the discovery of new species (and re-discovery of species thought to be extinct) to the investigation of phenomena like Big Foot and the Yeti.  Anyway, check out a list of the Top 10 Cryptozoology stories of 2008 on Cryptomundo.
  • has an application available called 1-Click Answers (or is it Alt-Click?), which allows you to click on any word you come across online and receive an explanation of that word.  The description says that “Alt-Click works on any text in virtually every Windows program.”  I am intrigued, but also wonder: do they anticipate all possible contexts and uses for a given word?  I doubt it.
  • I find the fact that this guy, predicting the break-up of the United States, is actually being listened to incredibly funny, if also ridiculous.  Especially post-election, when the news has been so focused on “Obama brings us all together” stories.
  • I’ve been looking for a way to manage the fact that my iPhone imported all of my contacts from Gmail, including people I barely know.  This blog post seems like it might be an explanation of how to hack things somewhat better…
  • I’m very excited to hear that Al Franken is being declared the winner, even if only by 225 votes, and even if the result will immediately be contested.  I would have thought a race this close would deserve a new election, but apparently Minnesota doesn’t work like that, and they’ll have to settle for a decision by the courts.
  • I’m partly posting this link about the Birth of RSS because I’m going to want it later, as my diss will include a history of that occurence… I also just think it’s cool, though.  Note that the New York Times is considered by some to have been instrumental in getting RSS feed technology going/popular.  It always comes back to the newspapers, huh?
  • I don’t know how I found this (I can’t remember the process of linking that lead me to it, I suppose I should say) but here is an article by Michael Crichton, published in Playboy in 1991, entitled “How to Fight.”  The article is a how-to guide for men, about how to have an argument with their “domestic partner” (assumed from the start to be a woman).  The article is obviously heterosexist, as well as a bit of the good-ole-fashioned regular sexist, but it’s also pretty interesting (in that way where you say on the one hand “OMG I can’t believe he said that” and on the other hand “should I be trying to do that?”).  After reading I felt a little bit gross, actually.  The focus of the essay is on how to “win” an argument (although it does acknowledge that many arguments are not won, or even ever resolved), and I wonder if the advice might have been different if the purpose were to communicate better and have a healthy, relationship-improving discussion.  Some of the points Crichton makes seem like they actually match up very well with that kind of purpose too, despite being delivered in a kind of “I’m a cold bastard” tone….

That’s all I’ve got right now…