My cousin has a new blog up about his latest adventure.  For those not in the family: my cousin Tim has become something of a bike nut (he was always a nut, the bike part is newer).  Last fall he and a friend spent four months (June to October) biking from Alaska to Mexico, and blogged about their journey.  That ride included an effort to raise funds for Heifer International (hence the name of the blog, CowSpokes).  Now he’s at it again, this time with my other cousin, Chris: they are biking around New Zealand, and blogging about it.  I don’t know if this trip will involve a similar charity connection; if there is, I’ll let people know.  I also don’t know how long they’ll be there for, but I wish them luck and safety.

Una and I are fostering another cat from Centre County PAWS.  For those who don’t know, PAWS is a volunteer organization that tries to find homes for cats and dogs without owners.  Una volunteers there some weekends, and we’ve occasionally taken in a cat to try to give them people to stay with during the week (PAWS is only open, and thus only shows cats and dogs to prospective owners, on weekends).  The last two cats we tried fostering (Teal and Sunshine) didn’t get along with our permanent housecat, Molly the Marauder.  We’re hoping that the newest kitty, Ebony, will be a better fit (awful name for a black cat, though).  The fact that she’s only 7 months old should help, I would think.

Other news: President Obama is doing good things… but maybe that isn’t news.

Also: I want this book just because it looks cool.

I was going to say more, but maybe that’s enough for now…