So much stuff to put up…

First, it’s February!  Generally a cold, bitter month with nothing to recommend it, I’m hoping that this February will be a turn-around month for me.  Specifically: had a meeting yesterday with one of my two dissertation advisors.  He was very encouraging (I’m sensing a good-cop/bad-cop routine) and we had a great conversation about dissertation writing in general, the difficulties of the first chapter, the overall purpose of my project, etc.  I felt more confident afterwards than I ever have have in a while about writing and about what I was going to accomplish by writing this thing.  It’s hard, especially when you’re writing a chapter that is mostly lit review/other-people’s-history (at least for now), to keep track of what you’re doing that is new, interesting, and worthwhile.  My advisor helped me remember what that was for me, and I’m grateful.

On a related turning-over-a-new-leaf note: Erin has been blogging about a February blog-a-day challenge which I think I will (belatedly) try to join.  I tried something similar on my own at the end of last semester, when I was just getting this thing started, and I didn’t do so well.  I’m hoping that this time around, things will be better, if for no other reason than that now I can maybe have the influence of peer pressure.

There is a NYT article about the “25 Random Things” Meme… (I think I found this via Michael, or maybe one of my new Twitter friends?  I don’t remember).  I find it interesting that the meme attracts that much attention.  I find it annoying that, after I was tagged twice by the meme, I filled out a list of my own and got up to number 20 before I either closed the Facebook page or managed to delete everything; whatever happened, I wasted a bunch of time and didn’t even get the silly pleasure of being part of the fun.  Grrr!!!

Lastly (though only because the graphics are so big) I found this interesting political/social orientation test on Kim’s blog and thought I’d post the results (I know these things are a little internet-cliche, and I know that Michael is raving against cliches today, but that’s just the way things go):

You are a
Social Liberal
(76% permissive)

and an…

Economic Liberal
(15% permissive)

You are best described as a:


Link: The Politics Test on Ok Cupid
Also : The OkCupid Dating Persona Test

There’s something a little odd about being told you’re a socialist by an (apparently) objective test… I’m right on the border with “Democrat” though, and in the “famous people” version of the graph (which I can’t figure out how to copy from the site) I’m right next to Obama… so that makes me happy!