My plan, from now until the end of the semester, is to force myself to write at least one page a day of my dissertation.  If I can write more, that’s great, but if I can at least do that, I should be in much better shape than I am now.  This blog will be used as a kind of accountability tool: I will post my page-a-day here, so that if I am thinking of slacking I know that there will be a record thereof.  I haven’t decided yet if I will let myself “bank” pages; I’m sure there will be days, such as the day Cat gets back from India, or Thanksgiving, where I will be unable to get my page for that day done, but I like the idea of working ahead to make sure I still do a page for that day, even if I do it a week ahead of time.

I’m partly posting this now to also check and see if I’ve effectively de-coupled this blog from my Facebook account (I don’t want to automatically post my page-a-day to my status, and thus my Friends’ NewsFeeds).

I have to get writing now, I’ve only got three more hours left in the day! (Although, for the purposes of this project, I’m guessing I will define “per day” as “per period when I am awake,” rather than by an arbitrary time deadline).